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Free-standing room divider "FENCE"

Sometimes kids want their privacy, but you just don’t have enough rooms to give each kid their own room. It’s hard to constantly share a space with someone else, and not have an opportunity to have a little alone, or private time. Even if you only use one or two dividers and don’t divide the entire room it can set some boundaries and give kids a sense of space.
This is innovative cardboard room divider called FENCE. Is non- toxic and best of all completely recyclable. This product destined to give a lot of pleasure for your kids. The FENCE was designed not only to close off a play area, but also as the object of play itself. With set comes 4 cardboard birds. Your children will love them. They could decorate FENCE and birds with their own incredible artwork! With this kids room divider children could organize a lot of games. You won’t find any instruction manual, however. The only rules are that there are no rules.

- Flat-packed and requires no tools or adhesives for assembly.
- Non- toxic and completely recyclable.
- All the items come blank with no graphics so that kids may decorate it themselves with their fantasy!
- Have a fabulous spy hole in it for peeking.
- FENCE isn’t only funny looking product but also very practical. It could accommodate small children books, toys, bags or even some clothes.