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"Fitness concept"

Stress and depression are common problems in our everyday lives. The common reasons behind these problems are hectic and sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. One way people have chosen to fight the stress is to take care of their body by going to gym, jogging or doing some exercises at home. Fitness culture has became part of our everyday life, making us healthier, more beautiful,self-reliable and happier.My project is about the popularization of fitness. Life is a movement. In a fit body is a strong soul and not caring about it and doing nothing leads to the “end”. My aim is to make the image of fitness more fashionable, that the aesthetics of human body and soul are taken into the world of sport goods. Fitness equipment is part of our living space. These are tool like objects we hide under the bed after using them. I want to combine Function and Decoration and through such feminization make the experience of exercising as aesthetic as the results of it.