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"Green kitchen concept"

Nature and hi-tech, can we unite these two in a friendly fashion? Modern society is overwhelmed with the daily routine, traffic, noise and technology. Cold artificial materials are strange for people who feel they are a part of nature and who desire to go to nature. More and more people have come to appreciate simplicity. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our homes. Often called the heart of home, a lot happens there. People gather in the kitchen to enjoy, recharge, chat, relax, give, learn and care for each other. For many people it is the only place where they can relax with their families. As a result of urbanisation, many cities have become over-crowded Picnics and trips to the country on weekends are becoming more popular as people feel the need to get away from the city. The kitchen contains all the natural elements water, fire, air, earth and metal. In modern kitchens those elements are hidden. A parallel can be drawn between the natural cycle and that in the kitchen recycling, restoring.

Project done in collaboration with Anna-Maria Einla

Photo by Martin Gorris