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Family server "Relic"

Nowadays we have a lot of problems with generations connections (like always). Parents and children. Lack of understanding, disrespect and so on. We don’t know enough about our family, we don’ know enough history of our family. What makes family happy, stronger? Many things! And one of them is a memory. When we feel bad we are looking in to the past, we are trying to find there hope for the future. What do you remember about your childhood? What will remember your children? Would you like, that they will remember more than you? Where is your reminiscence now? Are they in good place? How they are look like? Photo albums, diary, folder mess in your PC? How to save this “steps”: family tree, traditions, events, pictures, voices, emotions etc. What would you like to say to next generations? My project is “Relic”. Inspiration: Some people believe, that nature around us remember all. Tree- richness of content, Stone- eternal, Chest- innermost. Take care about present for a good future.